BOTH heading into 2017…

by | Jan 2, 2017

Looking back at 2016 our highlight was SCALING UP and REINVENTING our business as we remained focused on CLIENT SERVICE.

As we head into 2017, the world is on the brink of a digital and technology revolution, rapid globalization and many businesses expanding their overseas operations. These changes are challenging what we do, how we learn, work, and interact with each other. Responding pro-actively in an inclusive, collaborative and integrated manner at every level is imperative.

Keeping up with the pace of innovation, disruption and retaining and attracting talent will remain a challenge. Business leaders are forced to re-examine their core business, to rapidly adapt their organisations and practices, and continually innovate to remain relevant in the future.

BOTH will continue to pioneer Professional Services Solutions in the Human Capital and Business Outsourcing arena by delivering options to prepare and assist clients for this new world of work. Companies need to expand into new markets faster than ever, and BOTH is geared to mitigate the associated challenges and navigate companies seamlessly and efficiently to expand their operations to the UAE.

We have therefore reinvented our Professional Services by offering a PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANISATION (PEO) and EMPLOYER OF RECORD business model. This allows international companies to quickly enter and hire their most talented professional in the UAE by eliminating the need to set up an entity or foreign branch and taking on the risk and associated HR, payroll and benefits needs. This business model has been proven internationally to “cut the cost of international expansion by as much as 94 percent” as per CEO Nicole Sahin of Globalisation Partners, reducing time to onboard employees from months to days and turning international payroll and HR management into a fast and easy process.

MGE Gulf Manpower, our sister company and a subsidiary of the MGE Group, was therefore established as the EMPLOYER OF RECORD FIRM within our PEO offering, part of the overall expansion strategy of the Group.

BOTH continues to offer comprehensive PRO, Company Incorporation, HR, payroll, and benefits management, with our high-energy team and work ethic that has made us a preferred provider of outsourced services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Many challenges are facing business leaders in 2017 however opportunities also await those best able to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

How equipped are you to rise to the challenge? BOTH is here to help.

Anna Stavroula Heystek

Managing Director – BOTH (a subsidiary of the MGE Group)