BOTH EOR/AOR Acquired by People2.0

by | Mar 1, 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE – March 1, 2022People2.0, the world’s largest independent global employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services platform, announced today that it has joined forces with Abu Dhabi-based Back of The House (BOTH), a major provider of EOR/AOR services in the largely untapped Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market.

With in-country establishments in more than 45 countries, People2.0 offers talent providers capabilities to put anyone to work anywhere, on demand, for any length of time, using one global master agreement.

Meanwhile, the BOTH Group has provided EOR and AOR services to a broad spectrum of Middle East and global clients and partners since 2009 meaning the new partnership inaugurates People2.0’s presence in the region at the same time expands BOTH’s global capabilities.

“We have identified the Middle East as a strategically important market in our global coverage. The region counts many thriving economies with very sophisticated, international workforces,” said Erik Vonk, People2.0’s Executive Chairman.

“The opportunity to partner with BOTH—a well-established EOR/AOR services provider with in-country operations in throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council—allows us to further our mission to be on the frontlines of the workforce revolution. We can meet highly prevalent needs for instant, on-demand international deployment arrangements in an environment known to attract large quantities of professionals from around the globe.”

Anna Heystek, Co-founder and Managing Director of BOTH, believes the merger will massively boost its international client offering: “Many of our clients operate globally and stand to benefit tremendously from People2.0’s worldwide platform and capabilities. BOTH’s region-based clients are now able to offer work arrangements in all major economic centres.”

People2.0’s EOR services are designed for the deployment of employees, while AOR services are designed for the deployment of independent contractors. As the one-stop EOR/AOR provider, People2.0 assumes a wide range of responsibilities on behalf of their clients including onboarding workers, managing employment risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, managing payroll, and administering worker benefits in geographies around the world.

Heystek confirmed BOTH’s leadership team will be assuming key roles in the new entity, ensuring relational continuity and enabling them to guide clients in making best use of People2.0’s global resources.

Going forward, BOTH EOR and AOR will operate under the People2.0 name and brand. Further details of the deal have not been disclosed.

BOTH Corporate Services Limited (BCS), will continue independently as a provider of Company Incorporation and Corporate Services.

About People 2.0

People2.0 is the world’s largest global employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services platform, created exclusively to serve the talent-sourcing ecosystem, including staffing agencies, search and recruiting firms, individual recruiters, mass talent procurement organizations, and compliance, contracting, and consulting companies. Please visit


About BOTH

BOTH is the leading provider of EOR and AOR services to firms and places of work in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. Prior to the acquisition by People2.0, BOTH’s EOR and AOR entities were part of the BOTH Group which will continue independently as a provider of Company Incorporations, Corporate Compliance and Business Outsourcing services. For more information, please visit



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