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Since 2009 we have been reducing the administrative and regulatory company services burdens that our clients face.

Setting up your business in the UAE can seem daunting and complex, however, at BCS we provide a seamless pathway to get your business established in the United Arab Emirates.

Since our establishment in 2009, BCS, has been focused on building a corporate and regulatory services business, to make our clients’ lives easier, by eliminating the administrative burdens that they may face.

We are a premier services provider here to assist you with your business needs.

We are proud to be working from Abu Dhabi Global Market as a registered Company Services Provider (CSP).

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How We started

Let our experts focus on your business.

BOTH Corporate Services limited (BCS), was established as a local in-country entrepreneurial venture to alleviate the administrative burden for international companies to setup and employ people effortlessly in the UAE and wider GCC region, while having access to professional knowledgeable local business partners.

BCS grew organically as a traditional PRO & visa service provider to become one of the most trusted company services, and employer-of-record providers in the region, including HR and Payroll management, accounting and bookkeeping services.

Our success is based on its people to rapidly respond to the needs of its clients and their business operations. Additionally, developing talent and empowering our people have been critical components to our success using a set of specific “BCS values” created by the team, which has formed the foundation of our company for the past 13 years.

Our company was designed to be agile – A story of how constant evolution, improvement and an unrelenting dedication to our clients is fundamental to our professional service.

In 2021 the BOTH Employer/Agent of Record(EOR/AOR) was acquired by Texas Pacific Group (TPG) growth fund backed PEOPLE 2.0

BCS now operates as an independent entity in the Abu Dhabi Global market with onshore subsidiaries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



SINCE 2009

We can assist with all of your business needs in the UAE.

Professional Services Partner

BOTH Corporate Services Limited (BCS) is based in the Abu Dhabi Global Market with subsidiary branches onshore in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

BCS is an approved incentive partner of HUB 71 and provides startup consulting and setup services to tech startups with investment from Mubadala.

BCS supports the ADQ tech start up ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.

Where We Work BOTH UAE

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