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About Us

Since 2009 we have been reducing the administrative and HR burdens that our clients’ have faced.


Setting up your business in the UAE can seem daunting and complex, however, at BOTH we provide a seamless pathway to get your business established in the Emirates.

Since our establishment in 2009, BOTH, has been focused on building a corporate and back-office services business, to make our clients’ lives easier, by eliminating the administrative and regulatory burdens that they may face.

We are a premier services provider here to assist you with your business needs.

We are proud to be working from Abu Dhabi Global Market.

UAE Made Simple

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How We started

Let our experts focus on your business.

Having originally started as a PRO and government liaison services provider, BOTH has developed and evolved into a well-established; regionally renowned company over the years.

BOTH has organically evolved into a widely recognised company, providing clients with outsourced back-office services and a professional employer organisation (PEO). We are dedicated and committed to offering client focused service delivery, from: setting up, operating a business, to facilitating immigration, employment and residency in the UAE. Whether you are an international company looking to set-up an office in the UAE, or are locally based, considering a start-up, BOTH can assist with your individual needs.



SINCE 2009

We can assist with all of your business needs in the UAE.

Where we Work

Where We Work BOTH UAE



• Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


• State of Kuwait


• Kingdom of Bahrain


• Sultanate of Oman


• State of Qatar


• Israel


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